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We Believe in the Power of Data Visualization!

Data visualizations have the power to inform, educate and influence people in many different ways. Revealing insights, informing decisions, improving understanding, and changing public perception. Well-designed visualizations can be easier for people to understand, and they're more likely to be remembered over time.

“Of all methods for analyzing and communicating statistical information, well-designed data graphics are usually the simplest and at the same time the most powerful.”
- Edward Tufte, 2001

However, there's an art to designing graphics that tell a story with data. It might be a chart, a custom visualization, an animation, or an illustration. To create a visualization that the audience quickly and easily understands takes more than clicking a Create Chart button and accepting all of the default settings. You have to spend time optimizing your chart so that it tells a clear story to your audience.

DataVizTV is a video training site to help you learn how to design good data visualizations and charts in whatever software package you're using. Videos will mostly be between 5-10 minutes, and easily searchable to find the specific topic you're looking for.

There are hundreds of tools that can create data visualizations, and my plan is to cover all of the major design best practices and tools, but it will take time. I'll be adding new videos every month, so your membership will continue to grow in the future.


My name is Randy Krum, and I'm the Host of DataVizTV. I've been a data visualization and infographic designer for over 10 years, I run the popular website, and I present data visualization talks and workshops at conferences and corporations.

I wrote the book Cool Infographics: Effective Communication with Data Visualization and Design, published by Wiley and available in both print and ebook.

I'm an instructor of Data Visualization, Infographics and Dashboard design at SMU (Southern Methodist University) CAPE Program and workshops for the MSDS (Master of Science in Data Science) program.

I'm also Founder and President of InfoNewt, a data visualization and infographics design firm, that designs both internal and external projects for clients all over the world.

I'm the Organizer of the DFW Data Visualization Meetup group, that holds monthly events in the local Dallas-Fort Worth area with over 2,800 local members.